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Introducing the new 'Insife Partner Model'


In 2020 we launched our Partner Model. We believe that small and mid-sized pharma companies should have the same access to best-in-class PV technology as large pharma companies. Independent PV consultants, PV consultancy companies, IT integrators / developers, Service providers / CROs and Business strategists are now able to source HALOPV, Oracle Argus Safety, integrations and PV specific AI capabilities to clients of all sizes. 


  • Independent consultants / consultancy companies​

  • IT integrators / developers​

  • Service providers / CROs​

  • Business strategists / developers


  • Write to – Partnership starts after exchanging mutual NDA and MSAs​

  • The partner agreements are always non-exclusive and there is no requirement to sell or buy any solution to be a Partner  ​

  • Premium partners and Full service providers / CROs are required to have a subscription on their own

Partner table.png
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