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The revolutionary platform for managing all drug safety processes, from ICSR, Risk Management, PSMF etc. Now in version 5 with advanced AI features

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HALOPV is the only tool available that brings you a modular solution for every pharmacovigilance processing need, and integrates with other tools and technologies. The goal is to have everything you need at your fingertips. Automated where ever possible.

The power of having everything at your fingertips

What exactly is HALOPV?

It's a safety database and much more! Includes automation and processing support for PSMF | SDEA | ICSR | Distribution and submission tracking | Aggregate reporting | Signals | Risks | Literature | Regulatory requirements | Complaints | QC | Device vigilance and more. 


HALOPV is a System Masterpiece!

- Director of Drug Safety Analytics, Mid size biotech

It been a pleasure to work with Insife on the contracts for HALOPV, and even though it is complex what we are trying to achieve, I think this has been one of the easiest processes I have experienced in my 20-year career in sourcing.

- Senior Manager, Global Sourcing at big pharma

I look forward to our cooperation and to no longer have to type the same information in 5 different sheets and templates.
It is a great pleasure to be able to talk to you about our wishes and needs and be heard and understood. I had sent a long list of requests, excerpts of my Excel sheets and graphs and I got back precise and customized HALOPV processes. I'm full of optimism!

- PV/Quality Auditor, ALK

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